What’s new?

It has been a while since I have blogged. There have been a lot of updates since last time I wrote. I have  graduated with my Bachelors of Arts my major was history my minor was religion.  I’m attempting to get into graduate school to obtain my Masters in History. I’m hoping to hear in the next couple days if I get in. I’m still working on my research on Warren G Harding and his administration. I have also recently started writing a historical fiction book set in the early 1920s featuring are young woman who has grown up in hard times who is now Mrs Harding servant and she falls in love Mr Harding’s presidential aide.
We have still been mystery shopping till couponing I’m still saving money. I’m thinking of holding a coupon class at my home I’m really not sure how many people would be interested. I love that everyone says that they love the coupon I just don’t have the time. I have four children two dogs and a home and somehow I still manage to find kind of coupons. I think it’s important to save money especially when you are can see how much you get for free or next to nothing.
The kids are still growing like weeds Raquel will be 16 this year it’s hard to believe that she’s almost ready to leave the nest. Stephanie will be 13 this year and I’ll have another teenage girl on my hands. Colton turns 3 this year and he’s getting smarter every single day. Wyatt  will be one in May it’s hard to believe my little baby will be one. We are officially done having children. We are very blessed and thankful for the four children that we have. David is doing well also we recently purchased a Playstation 3 and he’s very happy to be playing Madden with a lot of his friends. He’s still working at the airport we’re not sure if this cuts with  United will affect us.
One major change that we has it really been very public about because it’s still very far off. After a brutal winter we decided that once Stephanie  graduates from high school David the boys and I will be moving south. We realize that this is still very far off at five years gives us time to save money and fix up our house to try to sell it as a profit. We feel this will give me time to obtain my masters games and teaching experience in hopes to be hired at a university.  I still ultimately it would like to write text book but I’m sure that will come as I work towards my PhD.  I’ve always wanted to live in the south I’m just grateful for a supportive husband who’s willing to move away from family. Right now our top choice would be Troy Alabama but anywhere that does not get snow or very little snow is appealing.



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