Mystery Shopping & other ways to make money


What is mystery shopping?

Mystery shopping is walking into a shop, restaurant, etc and evaluating different departments and employees. Sometimes you make a small purchase, or a meal and evaluate it.

I have been mystery shopping since February. I have done many,many mystery shops. Below are a few of my favorites. 


1. BestMark — they  pay via check about 2-3 weeks after your shop. I have done new car shops (go and pretend you are buying a car), had my teenager try and by a Mature video game and see if they sold it to her, furniture store (pretend you want to buy furniture) I really like this company

2. Market Force

This one is a BIG fast food mystery shop. You go and purchase a meal (sometimes there are stipulations to what you can order) You time how long it takes from pulling into line and obtaining your food. I have gotten to try new places. You can get your purchase reimbursed plus get paid on top of that. They pay once a month by direct deposit into your bank account. Usually its in there by the 15th.

3. Imyst

I have done one shop for them – they paid 3 days after my shop was approved. I listened to an in home presentation for 40 minutes. I have not seen any other shops by them.

4. Shadow Shopper

This you have to sign up for a account — make sure it is the FREE account. You can create a profile and view jobs but you can not apply for them. This is where I started. After I created my profile I started getting many calls.


There are several ways you can make money – some take more time than others. Mystery shopping is one way – you WILL NOT GET RICH OFF OF IT. Jobs vary from $5.00- 22.00. I just did a mystery shop for a restaurant that did not pay a shop fee but paid for my food – it was a nice date night for my husband and I. 

Another way to make money is with Inbox Dollars. 

Inbox dollars is a survey, offers, read emails, print coupons, perform searches and make money doing it. You get a $5.00 when you sign up. Minimum cash out is $30.00. The first cash out I did took about 4 months – but hey, 30 dollars is 30 dollars. I read the emails from my phone and have printed coupons through them. If you would like more information on this — email me at: and I can send you a referral link

Opinion Outpost

This survey company sends me literally like 10 surveys a day – I do not always qualify for the surveys but once you hit 100 points you can request $10.00 transferred to your pay pal.

If you have any questions – please leave a comment or email me at:, please feel free to contact me via facebook. 




One thought on “Mystery Shopping & other ways to make money

  1. Opinions and paid surveys are definitely a unique way of making some extra money on-line, and for very little effort or time it is not difficult to pick up a few hundred extra dollars each month, depending on how much time you are prepared to commit to completing surveys. I have been doing surveys for a few months now and whilst one will never get rich this way, it is certainly a good way to earn some extra cash. I haven’t tried ‘opinionoutpost’ yet but I certainly will have a look at it and maybe add it to my long list of Paid Survey sites that I belong to. For those sceptics out there maybe have a quick read of my recent blog, ‘Paid Surveys – Are they a Con’?, you can view it by clicking here
    For more information and access to paid survey sites, try

    All the best to everyone trying to make some extra money out there.

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