What’s new?

It has been a while since I have blogged. There have been a lot of updates since last time I wrote. I have  graduated with my Bachelors of Arts my major was history my minor was religion.  I’m attempting to get into graduate school to obtain my Masters in History. I’m hoping to hear in the next couple days if I get in. I’m still working on my research on Warren G Harding and his administration. I have also recently started writing a historical fiction book set in the early 1920s featuring are young woman who has grown up in hard times who is now Mrs Harding servant and she falls in love Mr Harding’s presidential aide.
We have still been mystery shopping till couponing I’m still saving money. I’m thinking of holding a coupon class at my home I’m really not sure how many people would be interested. I love that everyone says that they love the coupon I just don’t have the time. I have four children two dogs and a home and somehow I still manage to find kind of coupons. I think it’s important to save money especially when you are can see how much you get for free or next to nothing.
The kids are still growing like weeds Raquel will be 16 this year it’s hard to believe that she’s almost ready to leave the nest. Stephanie will be 13 this year and I’ll have another teenage girl on my hands. Colton turns 3 this year and he’s getting smarter every single day. Wyatt  will be one in May it’s hard to believe my little baby will be one. We are officially done having children. We are very blessed and thankful for the four children that we have. David is doing well also we recently purchased a Playstation 3 and he’s very happy to be playing Madden with a lot of his friends. He’s still working at the airport we’re not sure if this cuts with  United will affect us.
One major change that we has it really been very public about because it’s still very far off. After a brutal winter we decided that once Stephanie  graduates from high school David the boys and I will be moving south. We realize that this is still very far off at five years gives us time to save money and fix up our house to try to sell it as a profit. We feel this will give me time to obtain my masters games and teaching experience in hopes to be hired at a university.  I still ultimately it would like to write text book but I’m sure that will come as I work towards my PhD.  I’ve always wanted to live in the south I’m just grateful for a supportive husband who’s willing to move away from family. Right now our top choice would be Troy Alabama but anywhere that does not get snow or very little snow is appealing.



Mystery Shopping & other ways to make money


What is mystery shopping?

Mystery shopping is walking into a shop, restaurant, etc and evaluating different departments and employees. Sometimes you make a small purchase, or a meal and evaluate it.

I have been mystery shopping since February. I have done many,many mystery shops. Below are a few of my favorites. 


1. BestMark — they  pay via check about 2-3 weeks after your shop. I have done new car shops (go and pretend you are buying a car), had my teenager try and by a Mature video game and see if they sold it to her, furniture store (pretend you want to buy furniture) I really like this company


2. Market Force

This one is a BIG fast food mystery shop. You go and purchase a meal (sometimes there are stipulations to what you can order) You time how long it takes from pulling into line and obtaining your food. I have gotten to try new places. You can get your purchase reimbursed plus get paid on top of that. They pay once a month by direct deposit into your bank account. Usually its in there by the 15th.

3. Imyst

I have done one shop for them – they paid 3 days after my shop was approved. I listened to an in home presentation for 40 minutes. I have not seen any other shops by them. 


4. Shadow Shopper

This you have to sign up for a account — make sure it is the FREE account. You can create a profile and view jobs but you can not apply for them. This is where I started. After I created my profile I started getting many calls. 



There are several ways you can make money – some take more time than others. Mystery shopping is one way – you WILL NOT GET RICH OFF OF IT. Jobs vary from $5.00- 22.00. I just did a mystery shop for a restaurant that did not pay a shop fee but paid for my food – it was a nice date night for my husband and I. 

Another way to make money is with Inbox Dollars. 

Inbox dollars is a survey, offers, read emails, print coupons, perform searches and make money doing it. You get a $5.00 when you sign up. Minimum cash out is $30.00. The first cash out I did took about 4 months – but hey, 30 dollars is 30 dollars. I read the emails from my phone and have printed coupons through them. If you would like more information on this — email me at: Connie.tillman82@yahoo.com and I can send you a referral link

Opinion Outpost

This survey company sends me literally like 10 surveys a day – I do not always qualify for the surveys but once you hit 100 points you can request $10.00 transferred to your pay pal. 


If you have any questions – please leave a comment or email me at: connie.tillman82@yahoo.com, please feel free to contact me via facebook. 



Free $15.00 voucher for barefoot books!

Free $15.00 voucher for barefoot books!

I just ordered my FREE book from barefoot books. I filled out a 5 minute survey and 2 days later I received a $15.00 voucher to use on their website! I was able to get a $6.99 board book for my 22 month old, and it covered shipping 🙂


When you click on the link look at the top of the page: It says: get a free book. Click on it and take the survey!